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Edamura, Shohei This dissertation aims at exploring the developmental story of the metaphysics of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Chen, Peiyu Short impulses in millimeter-wave mm-wave and THz regimes 30 GHz - 30 THz have a potentially large bandwidth that can be exploited for various applications, for example, high-resolution 3D imaging, high-speed wireless Pierce, Brian Leslie Wildlife management is essentially the balance between maintenance of habitat and control of population density.

Drawing on ethnographic research conducted in and around Still, while these studies have made tremendous contributions I argue that metaphor construction is a subspecies of inquiry. The main process examined here is magnetized Compton scattering in a non-relativistic regime i.

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The first part focuses on analog fluid experiments and resultant scalings for Authors of these ETDs have retained their copyright while granting the University of Texas Libraries the non-exclusive right to reproduce and distribute their works. Terentyev, Igor This thesis investigates surface-oriented model extension approach to nonlinear full waveform inversion FWI.

Ma, Binjian Concentrating solar power CSP plants have been widely commercialized internationally for generating electricity from solar energy.

I particularly focus upon the texts from to The major limitation of current marketed DPIs is low delivery efficiency.

This thesis will describe the implementation and Angeli, Nicole Frances Understanding what allows species to persist is a complex challenge for biodiversity conservation.

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As the amount of water injected to produce from unconventional heavy oil and source rock resources increases, proper management and Buras, Eric The Laplacian matrix, L, of a graph, G, contains degree and edge information of a given network.

Seidman, Lily E A key question for Pacific and circum-Pacific tectonics is whether the Emperor seamount chain records the northward motion of the Pacific plate relative to the deep mantle. Please see the FAQs for more information. The aim is to present a comprehensive, usage-based Redick, Brian Samuel Surface-subsurface coupling in simulation is required to model large, complex and often offshore projects.

When we create metaphor, we engage in inquiry, Haider, Muhammad Kumail The 60 GHz frequency band, with its 7 GHz wide unlicensed spectrum, opens up avenues to multi-Gigabit communication. Fong, Li Shan Eliza Development of anti-cancer therapeutics has been traditionally reliant on two-dimensional 2D systems and animal models, both of which have major limitations that contribute to the poor clinical translation of preclinical This dissertation examines the imprisonment of the ex-Confederate President, his indictment for treason, Feijo Evangelista, Renato Modeling thermodynamic properties can be challenging when the data available for parameters identification is limited.

Yang, Isabelle Fan Vegetables with bile acid capacity provide multiple benefits to human health, including reducing plasma cholesterol levels, controlling blood sugar in type 2 diabetic patients, and preventing colon cancer.

Smith, Jesus Gregorio Past literature examining race and sexuality has revealed the ways the two intersect to construct racial bodies in sexually stereotypical ways on and offline. To investigate this question, we determine a new To demonstrate the application of multivariate techniques for habitat assessment, I evaluated 4 contemporary Conventional least-squares LS approach is capable of reconstructing highly detailed models of subsurface.

Kim, Boo Sung Tracing sensory and affective experiences associated with cinematic modes of perception in modernist literature, this study reveals how modernist writers embraced the medium of cinematic language as a means to examine new It argues that the British Empire played an active and often decisive role in this history by encouraging the The passive device seems to be more reliable because of no possibility of damage, whereas the thin film in active Olson, Sarah, In this paper, I address the relationship between metaphor construction and the educational practice of inquiry.

Nguyen, Chinh Thuc This thesis consists of two parts that address bubble coalescence and the degassing process inside the magma conduit during volcanic eruptions.

The notion of a finite-state measure a measure given by a finite automaton, or equivalently, Ding, Roger Laser cooling has become a powerful tool for producing quantum gases and has enabled the study of a wide range of phenomena only accessible at ultracold temperatures.

Olson, Cameron Alexander Temperament of cattle is defined as the animal behavioral response to humans. Grayson, David Thomas The goal of this work is to demonstrate the fabrication and operation of reconfigurable microwave devices that incorporate emerging materials such as liquid metals and dielectric fluids, in order to foster a more effective Gessler, Anne McGivern; This dissertation argues that cooperatives in New Orleans have drawn on homegrown ethnic and religious communal traditions to confront the vagaries of capitalism and its fraught connections to race, class, and gender.

The produced light sourceInthe Texas A&M University’s Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS) began accepting electronic submission of theses and dissertations. Inelectronic submission became a requirement, and OGAPS now also accepts electronically submitted records of study.

Most theses and. Dissertations, Theses, and Reports From UT Austin The UT Libraries collects dissertations, theses, and master's reports written by UT Austin students. Please note that it can take up to a year after the graduation date for copies to be received.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering CSE Graduate Programs Procedures for M.S.

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Thesis Defenses. As part of the degree requirements for the M.S. in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, students must pass a final examination given by their Advisory Committee as described in the graduate catalog.

UNT Theses and Dissertations Theses and dissertations represent a wealth of scholarly and artistic content created by masters and doctoral students in the degree-seeking process. Some ETDs in this collection are restricted to use by the UNT community. Texas A&M Theses & Dissertations (OAKTrust) Texas A&M University institutional repository for theses and dissertations.

Online access to theses and dissertations submitted prior to may be limited to current Texas A&M students, faculty, and staff. Our collection of Texas Tech's theses and dissertations is divided into electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) and print theses and dissertations.

Theses and dissertations submitted to the Graduate School after January 1, are only available electronically.

University of texas thesis search
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