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An obvious way for contestants to participate was to count instances of the word F-I-V-E in adjoining squares. When I first connected with them I had no issues then it duplicated most of my accounts.

Someday I hope they will have a fix where I do not lose all of my previous data the app has collected to get this fixed. It is frustrating but I can live with it if I must. There is one restaurant I frequent that always seems to get categorized as a hotel. They also said if I deleted the account then I would lose all of my history it has collected.

Viewers were told to find and call-in to tell the host "how many reds" [4] are The mint the puzzle, with little else to explain how to solve it. Several containers of beer are displayed, together with the amount of beer they can The mint. I love seeing all of my information displayed and the overall look and ease of the app.

Despite the show lasting three hours with numerous contestants calling to offer guesses, no-one gave a correct answer and therefore no prize money was awarded at all for the entire night. Mint lets me pull in several accounts and credit cards and see everything all together.

Caller Selection[ edit ] Callers are selected randomly by a computer and at random times throughout the episode, including commercials.

Viewers were told to count "how many fives" were in the puzzle, again with little else to explain how to solve it. Besides that I have no complaints.

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Beer Monster[ edit ] A more recent game called Beer Monster by the hosts involves counting the number of litres that you can see in the on-screen puzzle The mint.

Terms and Conditions[ edit ] As The Mint is a competition based game show it is run according to a set of terms and conditions. If you need something more specific there are others but they seem to have less of a total balance like mint does.

I do refer the app The mint others. At the end of the show they revealed the answer is They constantly update and add new features which I love. You can kind of tweak it to do that now, but then I find I lose some of the budget functionality when I add in predictive costs and there are only a limited though copious for day to day number of budget categories.

The phone system used for The Mint is run by Be. I opted to just hide my duplicate accounts since at that time I had several months of data I would lose and now I would have several years of data I would lose if I were to do it now.

There are 2 things that bother me. Now I have a few credit union accounts that show all savings, checkings and loans twice. Should a caller be selected during a commercial break, the answer is taken immediately following the conclusion of the break.

If they would fix these 2 small things, the app would be perfect for me. Contestants could also have counted the 5 numerals, and potentially even the V letters as Roman numeralshowever this was not explained.

Some containers are partially obscured. I have changed the categorization about times. However, I wish they would fix some of the issues they have with the banks and credit unions.Watch video · Directed by Raymond Mamrak.

With Jenni Farley, Ashlee Keating, Kristinia DeBarge, Raymond Mamrak. After the loss of his parents a record producer, with a little help from his friends, has to find a way to save his families well known record label, as well as himself.

Dec 19,  · I love Mint to help me track my spending this is way better for me than the Bank of America tools because the bank site used different categories on different page sections, and I couldn’t create a cohesive easy to understand view.

Mint lets me pull in /5(K). The Mint: Lawrence After Arabia (Tauris Parke Paperbacks) [T.E. Lawrence, Anthony Sattin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Inhis dreams of an independent Arabia shattered, T.E.

Lawrence enlisted in the RAF under the assumed name John Hume Ross. Though methodical and restrictive/5(16). The MINT Gastropub: Envisioned in the past, Resurrected by opportunity, Executed by experience, Enriched by community, Growing through innovation, Powered by.

The Historic Mint Restaurant & Alehouse was established in and re-opened in August Nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington State, The Historic Mint is surrounded by rolling hills, wide open fields and plenty of outdoor entertainment. The Mint.

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Financed with 45, gallons of rum, Governor Macquarie’s ‘Rum Hospital’ provided beds for convict patients. Today the Mint houses Sydney Living Museums' head office, venue hire spaces, a restaurant and café, and is also home to the Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection.

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