Tangerine part 3 summary

Readers should pay close attention to these topics and the threads that tie them together. Paul tours his new middle school and makes plans to play on the soccer team.

Tino shows them a big mounted thermometer, and explains that there are several of them spread out around the groves. Technically, Antoine is in the wrong, but the practice has been going on for a long time and is a way of providing more equal opportunity for the young players.

The temperature drops to 24 degrees and the boys are ordered to go back to the hut and rest. There are many details revealed in the first chapters that become significant as later events as they unfold.

Tangerine:Novel Summary: Part 3: November 20-21-23

As soon as Paul writes down all this important stuff, he does go to sleep. Her response is more about how much she herself has helped Paul, than about Paul. Summary of Tangerine by Edward Bloor written by: The group goes into the back yard with a soccer ball. Showing no fear, Luis suggests that Erik hit him.

He notices Luis Cruz getting out of his truck and speaking to one of the players who points Luis toward Erik.

Tangerine: Novel Summary: Part 3: December 2,3,4

Then the good news came that the temperatures were starting to climb. He moves toward the few players who are still there. Instead, he ends up on sports blooper reels when the coach decides to fake the kick. When they reached the Tomas Cruz Groves, the new grove was being sprayed with water from the pond to give it a covering of slushy ice.

It puts him in a very difficult situation, because his friend Tino has just been assaulted by his brother Erik. Tino mentions the time that Erik went flying through the air, the time that he was on television.

Meanwhile, Paul gets to school, only to find that a ton of kids are absent. They have to bury them in dirt up above the bud union, where they grafted on the Golden Dawn scions. Paul reflects on how everyone in his family, including him on the Tangerine soccer team, has been successful in Florida.

Paul thinks their cheerleader girlfriends, Paige and Tina, are only with them because they want to date football players. Otherwise, the tangerine part will die and just leave the rough lemon rootstock.

Paul visits the Cruz nursery to learn more about the Golden Dawn tangerine for their school project and enjoys the chance to see the trees up close. Most of what had been in there was gone. If everyone agrees to it, the police will not pursue charges.

They see students from Tangerine Middle School, and Joey warns him that kids from that school are dangerous. He just referred to the fact that they were War Eagles. It also reveals the socioeconomic differences between the two communities of Tangerine and Lake Windsor.

The forecast is for ten hours of hard freeze. Friday, August 18 — Wednesday, August 23 Paul and his mom arrive in Tangerine County, Florida and see a mix of citrus groves, industrial developments and burning groves that will become future developments.Part 3 Monday, November 20 Today the science group, Henry D., Theresa, Tino and Paul, get a ride from the school to Paul’s house in Henry D’s brother, Wayne’s truck, which has his mosquito spraying.

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The book is presented as a series of journal entries, so instead of chapter notes for Tangerine by Edward Bloor, you will instead find summaries of several days worth of entries.

Henry D. explained to Paul the tradition at Tangerine Middle School of students from families in the citrus industry not attending classes during a freeze. Henry D. that was why Tino and Victor were not at school.

Tangerine part 3 summary
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