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Marcus is a character to be explored between teachers and students. And yet all the while suffers from the pain of trauma coupled with mental illness. Enrique turns to fighting and dating and dumping girl after girl, while Marcus gets stoned.

The mother and brother, silent and frozen witnesses to the abuse have to unravel their guilt at never having defended Enrique. The idea that people can change Hernandez forges the powerful voice of a somewhat angsty teenager in this gripping yet easy-to-follow novel.

The worst part of the book, no quotation marks. The idea that people can change unexpectedly is a big deal for the plot of this book--the brothers assume that their father is the same as he has always been despite the signs that seem to suggest otherwise.


After all the abuse he witnesses, Marcus can still offer love to his brother, to his mother, and even in some measure to a father who is struggling and failing? Using dark, descriptive text and explicit dialogue, Hernandez paints a very realistic portrait of the aftereffects of abuse.

I love that Hernandez made "the pussy" and the virgin our hero. Second, the not-so-good stuff: The man left a year earlier, but the boys are far from healed. Enrique, the character who is most abused, embraces a tough guy pose. I regard this as a coming-of-age story of sorts, because of the way the characters are developed, namely Enrique.

I would recommend this text for any 12th grade studies in Literature or writing courses. In the end he does not tie everything up neatly, leaving readers to draw their own conclusions.

Suckerpunch – David Hernandez

David Hernandez packs a lot of powerful emotion per page in this novel, and his main character, Marcus, is a wonderful mix of reliable enough for me to trust him as a narrator, but imperfect enough to relate to.

Numerous reasons exist to prompt a reader into picking up this book for National Hispanic Heritage Month. Hernandez manages to honor the traits of a Hispanic family in the US without digressing into the preachy-ness that is so typical of "multicultur First, the good stuff: They watch - frozen in their fear.

The mother attempts to "talk" the father out of his abusiveness. Older teens looking for gritty urban drama are sure to embrace this gripping, well-written story.

Enrique, while the only one physically assaulted, is not the only one to suffer abuse. The end provides a rather heavy-handed symbol of Marcus coming to terms with his past, but this is only a minor quibble about this otherwise realistic, affecting coming-of-age debut from a poet known for his adult works.

From In the summer before his senior year, Marcus and his friends escape their troubles at parties involving sex, drugs, and alcohol all detailed in some explicit passages. He embraces the role of the lothario.David Hernandez is a web designer and a poet whose collections include Always Danger, winner of the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry, and A House Waiting for Music.

He also wrote the novel Suckerpunch/5(6). ‘Sucker Punch’ personal response The novel ‘Sucker Punch’ by David Hernandez was a captivating experience that consistently drew my attention being from a young adult’s point of view.

I am a 17 year old male growing up, encountering mature situations like the main character in this book, Marcus. Buy a cheap copy of Suckerpunch book by David Hernandez.

Its the summer before senior year, and Marcus should be hanging out, filling his sketchbook, maybe asking a girl out for once. So why is he in a car with his Free shipping over $ Suckerpunch Amazon. It's the summer before senior year, and Marcus should be hanging out, filling his sketchbook, maybe asking a girl out for once.

So why is he in a car with his brother, his brother's girl, and the pistol, headed straight.


Sucker Punch: Marks the debut of a superb and important new literary talent. SUCKERPUNCH is the story of two brothers - narrator Marcus and his younger brother, Enrique. David Hernandez makes this book so realistic by (SPOILER ALERT) making the characters in the story do what actual teenagers possibly might do.

and he also makes this /5(5). Marcus Mendoza, aka Nub because of a severed index finger, narrates this hard-hitting and profane novel about parental abuse. From the opening sentence, the writing shocks, then mesmerizes readers, making its title an apt choice.

Sucker punch by david hernandez personal
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