Revolutionary experience from the diary of

After serving at the Battles of Brooklyn and White Plains on the side of the Patriots, the farm boy decided not to reenlist in December In the mids, a first edition copy of the narrative was found and donated to Morristown National Historical Park. One scholar concluded that the "runaway" blacks seen by Gray were actually part of the Ashworth family.

He also wrote many stories and poems over the years, most famously a narrative of his experiences during the war in It was not considered a success, and mainly fell to the wayside, apparently lost to history.

On the western side of the fortification was a row barracks, extending from the northern part of the works to about half the length of the fort. A Texan sincethe thirty-six-year-old West did not volunteer until July ofwhen he joined a local militia company. On the 23rd, the Augusta came under a heavy bombardment not only from Ft.

A twenty-gun ship [the Merlin] which had come to the assistance of the Augusta in her distress shared her fate soon after. Here I endured hardships sufficient to kill half a dozen horses.

It is notable that for most of the war, Martin was a mere private in the army, and his account does not involve the usual heroes of the Revolution. The McGaffeys were also regarded as Tories.

Revolutionary Experience from the Diary of Albigence Waldo

Mifflin but from galleys, fire ships, and land batteries. He was assigned to Light Infantry inattaining the rank of Corporal. Let the reader only consider for a moment and he will still be satisfied if not sickened. Biographical Directory of the Texas Conventions and Congresses, p. At the age of seven, he was sent to live with his grandparents in Milford, Connecticut.

Howitzer, and an 8 inch mortar included in the battery. In front of that barracks and other necessary places were parades and walks; the rest of the ground was soft mud.

The first attempt the British made against the place after I entered it was by the Augusta a sixty-four-gun ship. His narrative is considered one of the major primary sources for historians, researchers and re-enactors of the American Revolution. Henson, "Notes on the Gray Diary," p. It is diked around the fort, with sluices so constructed that the fort can be laid under water at pleasure, at least, it was so when I was there, and I presume it has not grown much higher since.

The platoon stopped outside of his house and fired a salute in honor of the Revolutionary War Hero. At the southeastern part of the fortification for fort it could not with propriety be called was a battery of several long eighteen-pounders and one thirty-two pounder.

Although he placed his name on the roll of east Texas volunteers under Major Leander Smith in early April, he set off on this cattle drive to Lake Charles instead. Revolutionary War service[ edit ] When Martin was 15, inhe was eager to join the war effort following the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

He could not raise the money and begged Knox to allow him to keep the land. Two of them -- Gumby and Zow -- escaped in and remained at large for a year before Waller discontinued his runaway advertisement.

Because his family was well-to-do his father studied at YaleMartin was able to receive a well rounded education, including reading and writing.

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After the San Jacinto battle, many gained refuge with the retreating Mexican army and fled to Mexico, in Revolutionary experience from the diary of of treaty provisions for their return. Over the years, he was known locally for being a farmer, selectman, Justice of the Peace and Town Clerk the last position being held for over 25 years.

Confined I was, for it was next to impossible to have got away from it, if I had been so disposed. His father was a pastor who often got in trouble for speaking his mind too freely.

Lack, Texas Revolutionary Experience, p. He encamped at Valley Forgewitnessed John Andre being escorted to his execution and was also present during the climactic Siege of Yorktown. In front of these was a large square two story house, for the accommodation of the officers of the garrison.

His grandparents initially opposed the idea, but agreed after Martin vowed to run away and join a naval ship as a privateer if he was not allowed to join. There were also three blockhouses in different parts of the enclosure, but no cannon mounted upon them, or were they of any use whatever to us while I was there.

Hardships sufficient to kill half a dozen horses I was soon relieved from this guard, and with those who were able, of our two regiments, sent to reinforce those in the fort [Mifflin], which was then besieged by the British.

In an hour or two she blew up with an explosion which seemed to shake the earth to its center, leaving a volume of smoke like a thundercloud, which, as the air was calm, remained an hour or two.

Lack, Texas Revolutionary Experience, pp. Rather, following a night attack by the American galleys on the Augusta and Merlin the two ships became stranded on shoals after attempting to fall down the river.Diary of a Revolutionary FBook Diary of a Revolutionary.

Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 4, Israeli's SHOCKING experience while visiting the Hebrew Israelite village in Dimona Pt. 1. New Jersey Lawyer's Diary and Bar Directory New Jersey Session Laws New Jersey State Bar Association Yearbooks Old Treatises Reporters New Jersey's Revolutionary Experience Official Register of the Officers and Men in the Revolutionary War Records of Officers and Men in the Civil War, Trenton Illustrated.

Joseph Plumb Martin also spelled as Joseph Plum Martin in military records and recorded as Joseph P.

Martin in civilian town clerk records. November 21, – May 2, ) was a soldier in the Continental Army and Connecticut Militia during the American Revolutionary War. Find great deals on eBay for revolutionary war diary. Shop with confidence. Lack, Texas Revolutionary Experience, p. [ p ] David Choate received title to a league of land on Pine Island Bayou (on the Jefferson-Hardin county line) in Joseph Plumb Martin was a Revolutionary War private in the Continental Army, whose diary has provided invaluable insights into the lives of oridinary soldiers in the american War for independence.

Revolutionary experience from the diary of
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