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These camera techniques reveal his disordered mind to his viewers, making them feel sympathy towards Othello after seeing his confusion overrule his personal moral values. I believe this is a reflection of the time in which Shakespeare was written, a time when a man would trust a man before ever trusting a woman.

It was aimed at all classes of society, from the monarchy right down to the peasantry. In the beginning, both Othello and O are not only well-respected leaders, but they are kind-hearted and affectionate people.

The close-up shots displays and emphasize his frightening facial expressions. Australia is seen as a civilised nation because of its established system of law and government.

“Othello” and “O” Comparative Essay Essay Sample

Othello shows his first signs of change when Othello comparative essay hits Desdemona in a jealous rage. Although Queen Elizabeth granted full diplomatic recognition for their help in conquering Spain, they were still stereotyped by the people of England as overly sexual, prone to jealousy and just generally wicked.

The play Othello seems unrealistic as a black man has managed to reach the rank of general in the 16th century Italian army. Similarly, O has everything going for him, he is the star Basketball player of his school team, he enjoys widespread popularity with all the students, has the love of a beautiful girl and a promising future as an elite athlete.

Plots and murders ensue and Othello returns to the castle to kill his innocent wife. Davies has set his film transformation in London, and it starts with a race riot, indicating that racism still remains a major issue today.

More Essay Examples on Othello Rubric To appeal to the modern audience he reflects the values of England in the twenty-first century. More essays like this: The different language and medium of production of the two texts reflect the time in which they were written.

Othello-Comparative Essay

In the 17th century attitudes towards non-Europeans were largely shaped by government policies, and as well by the exotic stories of travelers that came back from overseas. A similar statement can be made about Othello, he is quick to jump to violence before really listening to Desdemona and what she has to say.

Also, black people are generally more accepted in the 20th century, however, Odin is the only black person in the school and he has the same problem as Othello, he does not fit in. Racial intolerance and chaos versus order are central themes Othello comparative essay both the written and visual text.

The younger audience can relate to the high school setting, the swearing and the rap music. Othello elopes with Desdemona but Iago starts to plot against them. Nelson uses the setting of an American high school due to its violent culture and makes references to the Columbine high school massacre to show this.

This may remind the audience of the racial intolerance surrounding themselves in their context. Equivalent to Othello, Odin starts to be violent as a result of jealousy, he attacks Mike at basketball practice, pushes a small boy at a dunking competition and abuses Desi both verbally and physically.

Nelson is saying that American youth is quick to turn to guns and violence over trivial matters rather than attempting to reach a more satisfactory conclusion. In this scene Othello reveals for the first time in the film his muddled mind in front of his guests.

Most of the action takes place in Cyprus, a location that in the wars acted as a Venetion outpost that was attacked by the Turks in He eventually smothers her to death. Moreover the low camera angled shots of Othello portray him as powerful and angry in comparison to Michael Cass.

Furthermore in our patriarchal society people commit lawless acts while our legal structure tries to keep society in order. This is the first time Othello has lost his temper and duty in public, highlighting his disordered mind.

Elizabethans often referred to brunettes or olive skinned people as black.

Comparative Text, Othello and O Essay

Emilia tells Othello the truth about the scheming Iago. The themes values and ideas essentially remain the same, proving that over the centuries the human condition remains virtually unchanged. Many people today are still bigoted and offensive to others of a different race.

Othello and 'O' Comparative Essay

It is Hugo who is these things, and Odin only fit the stereotype after Hugo manipulated him. Furthermore he makes his audience think about the issues highlighted by the characters throughout the film.

By changing the context of Othello into post-modern times and aiming it at a younger audience, Tim Blake Nelson is able to make new social comments in his film O. In fact, violence is a major theme in both Othello and O, without violence, neither text would be a tragedy but instead tales of conversation and discussion.

However, he has appropriated Othello into a post-modern structure, superimposing it into a contemporary time and setting. Is this the nature whom passion could not shake? This is very similar to the final scene of O, Odin strangles Desi and not long after shoots himself.

As his envy and fury grow into a jealous rage we are shown that his mind becomes a disordered mess. However, O was created in a time no different from today, shown by its modern language, themes and its medium of production, film.

However, was never quite as racially specific as a modern day reader would interpret it.To what extent does Othello’s final speech affect our assessment of him? What is the effect of his final anecdote about the Turk? Certainly, Othello’s final speech is not all that one might wish for—his claim to be “one not easily jealous” is.

Compare and Contrast Othello Characters essays Iago is one of the more interesting characters in Shakespeare's' play "Othello." Iago can be described as an evil, jealous, manipulative and a revenge seeking character.

In fact, Iago is so manipulative throughout the entire play tha. Free Essay: A Comparison of Othello and the Movie O When Shakespeare composed the tragedy Othello televisions were not.

Along with no televisions, life in. Othello is a dramatic and engaging play, written by William Shakespeare. It is a great tragedy that explores the supremacy of manipulation and deceit when possessed by the wrong person and the tragic repercussions that can come of this.

Comparative Text, Othello and O. Drafted Essay Context study; Comparing texts, Othello and O’ William Shakespeare’s Elizabethan play Othello (16th Century) and its modern (21st Century) appropriation O’ by Tim Blake Nelson depict a story of an African American hero, who is deceived by one of his close allies.

- Othello-Comparative introduction?? In this essay I will explain how Andrew Davies’ film, Othello, released inis a successful transformation of William Shakespeare’s tragic play, Othello first performed in

Othello comparative essay
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