Leisure and tourism marketing coursework

You may focus on a particular segment of the events industry; for example, you might specialize in organizing large-scale sports events, marketing for music festivals, or logistics management for corporate exhibitions. Emphasis on beginning and completing a "real-world" evaluation project.

Emphasizes public and customer relations, budgeting, and organizing and analyzing the marketing strategies in leisure service, sport, and tourism organizations. Please note that while we make every effort to ensure that timetables are as student-friendly as possible, scheduled teaching can take place on any day of the week.

In Year 1 you will study the fundamentals of business and management. LSTS - Principles of Outdoor Recreation 3 credit hours Concepts, principles, and practices in various types of park, recreation, and tourism settings. Course in Depth What will I study?

LSTS - Business Applications in Leisure, Sport, and Tourism 3 credit hours Explores the application of public relations, customer service, and marketing systems including procedures for developing marketing and budget plans for leisure, sport, and tourism services.

If you already have a specific career path in mind, you may choose a course which already has a specialized focus. BUSOrganisational Misbehaviour 20 credits Organisational Misbehaviour takes a critical position in reflecting on why it seems almost inevitable for institutions and their employees to misbehave.

At an organisational level, the module considers how far organisational culture and change can be influenced by leaders and managers. A key activity will involve investigating the measurement of financial performance of a business through analysing and comparing the models available.

Project management is an area of study that recognises that resources are scarce and that choices must be made between the alternatives available in terms of bringing a project to a satisfactory finish, both on time and within budget.

Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Issues 3 credit hours Increases awareness of the importance of environmental considerations when planning, managing, or administering outdoor recreation programs.

Provides insight into the history and legal foundations of sports representation, the evolution of the industry, the business of competition for clients, common pitfalls of both representatives and clients, a wide array of ethical issues, the laws that govern the industry, the structures and language of contracts, negotiation tactics, and sport-specific information.


You will have the opportunity to develop your employability profile through a work placement or participation in a graduate enterprise project. Progressing from basic economic concerns, the module considers the practical apportionment of people, time, finances and materials and outlines best practice for how organisations can ensure output is achieved as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

It will also help familiarise you with professional business etiquette. Independent study topics based on a study plan prepared in cooperation with a faculty supervisor. This would form an integral part of your degree in place of the optional module choice above.

BUSGlobal Corporate Social Responsibility 20 credits Global Corporate Social Responsibility examines how the global marketplace presents challenges for organisations to balance the social, economic and environmental components of their business, while building shareholder value.

The module will cover current, significant economic events both nationally and internationally, in respect of both the economic situation and policy. You will gain an understanding of business relationships and processes, management techniques and economic markets. Provides an opportunity for supervised practical application of classroom theory in professional leisure, sports, and tourism field work.Browse the vacancies below for the next step in your leisure & travel marketing career.

We have a variety of fantastic opportunities across a range of disciplines including; advertising, brand management, communications & digital.

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Welcome to UNIT 2: Marketing in Leisure and Tourism For your GCSE coursework in Leisure and Tourism. Throughout the pack. you have chosen to concentrate.

The Leisure, Sport, and Tourism Studies major at Middle Tennessee State University offers specializations in recreation administration, outdoor recreation, sport.

Leisure and tourism degrees aim to equip students with an understanding of the scope of this global and growing sector. travel and tourism management, leisure and tourism marketing, event management, tour operations, and Assessment methods usually include coursework, exams, presentations and work portfolios.

Explore more study options. The Tourism, Leisure, and Event Planning major focuses on the study of administration in the tourism and leisure industries, which encompasses components of travel, lodging, attractions, events, and conventions.

A specified sequence of coursework has been carefully developed to facilitate. Students of our Edexcel GCSE in Leisure and Tourism will learn how the industry works, from sales and promotion to operations and customer service, as well as developing an awareness of issues such as health and safety, diversity and sustainability.

Leisure and tourism marketing coursework
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