India a country of festivals

Every year, grand festival of Durga Pooja in the north with its varied faces across the country covers the atmosphere. Exquisite costumes, colorful headgear, soulful war cries and warrior log drums are the highlight of this festival.

Short Essay on Indian Festivals

Each Indian festivals has their own significance to celebrate, few of the them are Amongmong Festival and Vishwakarma Puja. Reveled with great fervor and devotion, this festival falls during the period of March-April.

Masked dance performers and traditional Buddhist rituals are the highlights of the festival. Huge Durga idols installed on podiums and massive pandal decoration is done to cover the whole city in the excitement of the festival.

Similarly the Janmastami festival has also a great religious and social significance. Independence Day is celebrated on August 15th in India with great enthusiasm.

Festivals & Events

Now, it is our first duty to keep the honor of the country. Goddess Hadimba is carried from the temple in Manali down to Kullu, and taken to the palace to have her blessing from the royal family. Thus arguing to the end we can prove that the creator or God is within us in the form of the elements of which we are made.

Holi Holi Celebration The arrival of spring in India is marked with the revelers covered in bright colored powder as they celebrate Holi.

With this argument, the nonbeliever would ask the next obvious question, i. In this way Indian festivals have a great religious and social significance. A new Indian constitution was prepared and approved by the Indian Constituent Assembly on January 25, Dressing up impeccably is also a part of this festival.

In this festival, which is especially celebrated by women, clay idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshipped and immersed in water on the last day of the festival. Sikhs and Christians are other significant minorities of India.

Navratri in Sanskrit means nine nights. All of these festivals are worth witnessing with the diverse cultural display and togetherness. The 9 nights festival of Navratri is one of the greatest Hindu festivals, symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. Indians celebrate the festivals with enthusiasm and splendor.

Our India specialists share their knowledge to help you decide. Officially it is celebrated every year on the Rajpath of the Indian capital, New Delhi, before the President of India.

Festivals of India

Coming to India in September and October can be a good decision as one can witness loads of festivals and culture on display. All these different cultures and religions get tied together in bonds of love with these invisible threads of celebrations.

Was it a scientist or a technologist who made the Sun, the Moon and the Stars etc? If we understand the basic that all nature is created by God, his whereabouts are not far to seek. The victory of Rama over Ravana is celebrated on this day. Worshiping, fasting, dancing and feasting, all of it covers the entire days with various culture celebrations.

National Festivals of India 2018

HE is thus everywhere and in everything, including the hearts of even non. Although India is a secular Hindu-majority country, it has a large Muslim population. Moharram will be celebrated in India will be begin on 10th September India is very rightly classified as a country of festivals.

True to this belief, India has scores and scores of festivals, unlike any other country of the world. True to this belief, India has scores and scores of festivals, unlike any other country of the world.

As Siddharth Katragadda, a famous writer of the Indian origin puts it “The Greatness of a Culture can be found in its Festivals”, so, the greatness of a country like India can be examined by sparing a glance at the vivid and vivacious list of festivals in India.

Nov 06,  · India specialist James explains that, while much of the country is too hot or wet to visit, it’s the ideal time of year to explore mountainous Ladakh, a region of high-altitude deserts, Buddhist monasteries and sheer-sided ultimedescente.comon: 77 North Washington Street, 6th Floor,Boston.

India: A Land Of Festivals INDIA, the world’s second largest country, has over 1 billion inhabitants, who speak 18 major languages and more. Festivals & Events – Latest articles & news on festivals and events in India. Get updates on Indian festivals, events & holidays in with Images, photos, & videos at Hence, it's important to plan and book your trip well in advance.

India's Top Festivals. Religion is at the heart of people's lives in India, and most of the country's festivals are tied to religious events—whether it be the birth of a god, or a god's victory over a demon.

India a country of festivals
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