Hazing in military schools should be stopped

Or at least that was the verdict handed down from our leadership. One student, Michael Kelly, testified in court that he was subject to beatings. When sailors ignored warnings not to use the toilets, all females were ordered to clean them, and 13 were ordered to march across the pier to dispose of the waste.

Any act of violent behavior, threats of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, bullying, verbal or non-verbal threat, or other threatening, disruptive behavior that occurs at or outside the work site. According to a study done at Alfred University by Dr.

Follow-up contact with the IG, particularly from an attorney or advocate, may be helpful in keeping the investigation on track. Platoon-level leaders haze, i.

Similarly, a study on sexual assault by the RAND Corporation discussed the extent to which hazing might lead to or constitute sexual assault. Bullying tactics include, but are not limited to, making threats, spreading rumors, social isolation, and attacking someone physically, verbally, or through the use of electronic media.

Prior to his death, he had been reportedly punched and kicked in the head, ordered to do leg lifts with sandbags and had sand poured on his face, among other things. Hazing is a cruel act performed by many people, ranging from adults in the military to teenagers in high school and many people in between.

The soldiers and Marines thought to be responsible for driving Lew and Chen to suicide did eventually stand trial, but only two — one from each case — were convicted of crimes by court-martial. This Instruction provides the most recent publicly available military-wide guidance on these problems, and applies to both military personnel and civilian employees.

As a result of the bizarre hazing, Cmdr. She is the executive director of the MLTF. One thing that my first team leader would do if he had a soldier who was falling asleep on guard or just fucking up on deployment was put the soldier on ammo detail and make him take apart the 7.

Hazing is cruel and needs to be banned

But nobody felt bad for him, either. One was found not guilty and another accepted a plea deal for a day jail sentence. It weeds out the wimps and helps ensure that only the strong rise to the top.

Hazing needs to be banned, especially from high schools because students are still very young, and they will continue what they learn in high school.

Hazing needs to be banned before more people have to suffer through it. That goes back to professional development and our first sergeants and sergeant majors having these discussions in their ranks. These rituals, originally used to ensure new sailors could handle life at sea, escalated over time and have even led to deaths.

The Senate is aiming for early summer. As the GAO report makes clear, the result of that ambiguity is an atmosphere in which leaders are overly cautious when it comes to disciplining their subordinates.

Although Brinston said rules have helped, he still believes hazing will never be put to an end. Others are being paddled and beaten until blood is drawn, and some are freezing because they have little to no clothing on and are being forced to stand there in the freezing cold while other members stare and laugh at them.

Most soldiers see those things as being totally different.Hazing is cruel and needs to be banned. By Erika Sprague '13 March 21, Share on Facebook. Seeing how bad the effects of hazing in the military are should prove that it needs to be banned and punishments need to be enforced.

Very surprising statistics were found about hazing in high schools during a study conducted by Dr. Elizabeth. Military hazing is often horrifying — and the Pentagon has no idea how often it happens. What constitutes hazing in the military, and what should the Pentagon do to.

Aug 04,  · Twenty-two minutes after the hazing stopped, he, too, used his own gun to commit suicide, in a foxhole he had been forced to dig. The military must make it clear that hazing is absolutely.

Hazing and Bullying in the Military. By Kathleen Gilberd | 07/30/ 0 Comment. This entry is part of On Watch Summer On Watch Summer such as extra military instruction, and hazing. DoD Definitions of hazing and bullying. Hazing has been used as an initiation rite in the military for years and still goes on today.

It is protected by a shield of silence and shame.


Few will talk about it. But there are also reports of incidences that occurred in military schools that enrol teenage students. At the St. John’s Military School in Kansas, students reported being subject to hazing and abuse by senior cadets.

Hazing in military schools should be stopped
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