Growler station business plan

He is a published writer and award-winning photographer. On the day the store opened, 45 customers waited in line to fill growlers. There are currently about units in 24 states nationwide. Neville also confirmed the obvious; their growler customers buy other Bartell merchandise while they are in the store.

Atlanta really has no reason to. Being in the industry for so long, with a focus on craft beer for 15 years, has given Tony the insight and knowledge to be the spokesman for craft beer today if he really wanted to.

Regulations vary widely regarding who may fill and sell growlers and what kind of packaging is permitted. While growlers are nothing too new to the craft beer industry, at this particular show, where convenience items are the norm, the booth stood out in the house otherwise reserved mostly for shameless gluttony and show girls.

Growlers have become so popular that alternatives like the pressurized uKeg by GrowlerWerks pictured are gaining a following. Photo by Johann Leiter The explosion of craft beer over the past decade has brought on many changes. However- the other end, is you have to sell the regular stuff, and people who are in the know, will usually just buy them in bottles elsewhere and not waste their time with the growlers.

In GA you cannot hold both an on premise and off premise license at the same business. Wholesale is a core component of the business. Several have closed in the past year. I guess the point of that background is that successful growler shops sort of fill a void. Even in his little mountain town ofthere is a steady stream of customers filling growlers.

They have the ability to bring a consumer into a C-store when their original intention was to simply pump some gas and leave. With a long history in the food and beverage industry, from owning and operating restaurants and bars and everything in between, he knows his stuff.

Seattle, WA Brewery owners report their growler business in the past year has ignited. The Sunoco gas station convenience store chain debuted growler sales via its Craft Beer Exchange concept in New York inlater expanding to South Carolina.

When throwing John into the mix with the innovative Growler concept, he immediately knew it was big. Growlers Are Growing Up Changing regulations and consumer desire for fresh craft brews are broadening beer-to-go options.

These days, growlers are employed by small producers seeking to save money on packaging, by brewpubs looking to boost bar tabs and by retailers hoping to lure craft beer aficionados.

We do have the ability to serve flights everyday and we offer tastings. It looks like a few others have also shared your same sediment. These were my initial thoughts but wanted to get them confirmed through this platform.

The Growler Business

Huff says it will keep beer fresh for several weeks after filling. You practically trip over them on the Northside. I know that there was a specific law passed to allow growler sales in Macon-Bibb, which implies some form of growler legislation is deferred to the county.

Once the laws change. He also said that growlers can draw nontraditional C-store consumers. The packaging is also brand new every time, which helps with the integrity of the product. Specialty Sales Purveyors agree that specialty beers are the way to go for growlers.

The same can be said with bars like Taco Mac, variety is fine but the turnover is much slower than a smaller bar so the beer is a lot older when you have dozens and dozens of taps. Many existing retailers have signed on for custom options from Irvine, California—based The Growler Station.

But as growlers have become better known and more widespread, states are beginning to modify their regulations. As a result, Just Tapd formerly Lazy Dog seems to do a lot more business as a bar than they do a growler store. Customers were coming from several hundred miles away just to experience it.

Without proper cleaning and sanitizing, the flavor of the fresh beer can be tainted.How the Growler Station is building a business on a new beer-to-go concept. oxygen-free, foam-free, longer-lasting craft beer. they expect to have a full franchise plan developed this year.

The company’s Growler Station Express concept is a “turnkey, store-in-store solution for any existing retailer who wants to start selling growlers, but has no experience with it,” says Tony Lane, cofounder and executive vice president of The Growler Station Distributor Group.

Bottless offers the service of setting up Growler Fill Stations.

Video: Bringing Growler Business to Convenience Stores

We have helped several growler fill stores from start to finish. To schedule an appointment to plan your Growler Fill Station please email us at [email protected] or call Welcome to History Of The Growler Education & Introduction to The Largest Selection of Glass and Growlers available.

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Pegas® Growler Fillers

Mainstream Retailers Embrace Growlers As Trend Grows May 14, Driven by the surge in craft beer sales, growler stations are becoming a national retail trend in liquor stores, supermarkets, c-stores, drug stores and other channels.

The Growler Station program is compatible with an array of business sectors, including retail, grocery, convenience stores, and restaurants/brewpubs.

Join the experience today in order to establish your territory in your market using The Growler Stations advanced Pegas™ branded counter pressure filling technology and added amenities.

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Growler station business plan
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