Factories act 1948

During any period for which no person has been designated as manager of a factory or during which the person designated does Factories act 1948 manage the factory, any person found acting as manager, or if no such person is found, the occupier himself, shall be deemed to be the manager of the factory for the purposes of this Act.

The basic provisions of the old Act relating to Health, safety, and welfare are extended to all work places irrespective of the number of workers employed, except premises where processes are carried on by the occupier with the sole aid of his family.

After obtaining approval from the Inspector of Factories, the workman shall be allowed to avail the compensatory holidays unavailed by him, within that month during which the compensatory holidays are due or within two months immediately following that month.

Under the bonded labour System Abolition Act ,a labourer should have the freedom to work anywhere and there should not be any advance payment that would hold him back. Deputy Chief Inspector of factories, Salem Section H It shall be the duty of such occupier, agent, manager or the person in charge of the factory or process to Factories act 1948 immediate remedial action if he is satisfied about the existence of such imminent danger in the factory where the worker is engaged in any hazardous process and send a report forthwith of the action taken to the nearest Inspector.

Under provisions of section 41A of this Chapter the State Government in empowered to form a Site Appraisal Committee to examine the application for establishment of a factory involving hazardous process and send its recommendations to the State Government.

Factories Act,1948, India

Provided that for the purpose of determining whether any part of machinery in such position or Factories act 1948 of such construction as to be safe as aforesaid, account shall not be taken of any occasion when- i it is necessary to make an examination of any part of the machinery aforesaid while it is in motion or, as a result of such examination to carry out lubrication or other adjusting operation while the machinery is in motion, being an examination of operation which it is necessary to be carried out while that part of the machinery is in motion.

Provided further that where a lunch-room exists no worker shall eat any food in the work-room. In State of Maharashtra v. The most common productivity barriers reported were unclear objectives, lack of team communication and ineffective meetings, followed by unclear priorities and procrastination.

Suitable precautionary arrangements should be taken against dangerous fumes, gases etc. Penalties under factory act, Section To provide, maintain or monitor such working environment in the factory for the workers that is safe, without risk to health and adequate as regards facilities and arrangements for their welfare at work.

The Bill gives such rule making powers to both, the central and state governments.

Factories Act 1948

Provided that where any question arises as to the qualifications and experience of a person so appointed, the decision of the Chief Inspector shall be final; c provide for medical examination of every worker- i before such worker is assigned to a job involving the handling of, or working with, a hazardous substance, and ii while continuing in such job, and after he has ceased to work in such job, at intervals not exceeding twelve months in such manner as may be prescribed, Section 41D.

Power of Central Government to appoint Inquiry Committee. The Fair Labor Standards Act made the eight-hour work day a "legal work day" work throughout the nation. General duties of manufacturers, etc.

Applicability of Factories Act, The Act is applicable to any factory whereon ten or more workers are working, or were working on any day of the preceding twelve months, and in any part of which a manufacturing process is being carried on with the aid of power, or is ordinarily so carried on, or whereon twenty or more workers are working, or were working on any day of the preceding twelve months, and in any part of which a manufacturing process is being carried on without the aid of power, or is ordinarily so carried on; but this does not include a mine, or a mobile unit belonging to the armed forces of the union, a railway running shed or a hotel, restaurant or eating place.

For protecting the health of workers, the Act lays down that every factory shall be kept clean and all necessary precautions shall be taken in this regard. Precautions regarding the use of portable electric light.

If a worker misuses an appliance related to welfare, safety and health of workers, or in relation to discharge of his duties, he can be imposed a penalty of Rs. Notice of periods of work for adults.

Provisions are made for the licensing and registration of factories and the prior scrutiny by the Factories Inspectorate of the Plans and specifications of factory buildings.

Short title, extent and commencement. What is hazardous process? Notice of Certain Disease. General Duties of the Occupier Every Occupier should ensure, so far is reasonably practicable the health, safety and welfare of all workers while they are at work in the factory.

Provided that the State Government may, by order in writing and subject to such conditions as may be specified in the order exempt any person or class of persons from the provisions of this sub-section in respect of any factory or class or description of factories.

The law established for railroad workers an eight-hour workday with additional pay for overtime work. Shelters, rest-rooms and lunch-rooms.

Specific responsibility of the occupier in relation to hazardous processes. To prepare a written statement of his general policy with respect to the health and safety of the workers at work and the organization and arrangements in force for carrying out that policy. Power to exempt during public emergency.

The Factories Act,1948

Register of Adult Workers. These should be easily accessible to workers and must be kept cleaned. The Act specifies very clearly the minimum requirements under three heads stated above. Right of Workers to be warned about imminent dangers. Every occupier shall, with the approval of the Chief Inspector, draw up an on-site emergency plan and detailed disaster control measures for his factory and make known to the workers employed therein Factories act 1948 to the general public living in the vicinity of the factory the safety measures required to be taken in the event of an accident taking place.

Compulsory disclosure of information by the occupier. It may do so because of i excessive work load in the factory and ii public interest Conclusion The present Factories Act in operation for the last 37 years has provided ample benefits to the factory workers.

Exemptions of occupier or manager from liability in certain cases Section Provided that where contravention of any of the provisions of Chapter IV or any rule made there under or under section 87 has resulted in an accident causing death or serious bodily injury, the fine shall not be less than twenty-five thousand rupees in the case of an accident causing death, and five thousand rupees in the case of an accident causing serious bodily injury.rows · An Act to consolidate and amend the law regulating labor in factories.

WHEREAS it is. THE FACTORIES ACT, ACT NO. 63 OF [23rd September, ] An Act to consolidate and amend the law regulating labour in factories.

WHEREAS it is expedient to. Importance of Factories Act, The Factories Act, is a beneficial legislation. The aim and object of the Act is essentially to safeguard the interests of workers, stop their exploitation and take care of their safety, hygiene and welfare at their places of work.

The Factories Act was an Act of Parliament passed in the United Kingdom by the Labour government of Clement Attlee. It was passed with the intention of safeguarding the health of workers. It was passed with the intention of safeguarding the health of workers. FACTORIES ACT, A Comprehensive law for the persons working at a specific segment.

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Factories act 1948
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