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Library of Economics and Liberty. Factories were not able to put out near the quantity that they were able to produce before the act, and they were not able to function around the clock as they had before, as part of the act limited Essays on the second industrial revolution latest time of the night that a child could work, and the earliest in the morning they could come to work… thus limiting the operation hours of the factory so this Essays on the second industrial revolution a good portion of production.

Unfortunately the workers of the time were usually taken advantage of because of their apparent lack of skill and the abundance of workers available for the same jobs. The technological advances of this time are what allowed for the mass production of goods and services for society, which allowed for trade to be conducted on a much larger scale.

Schools also helped them find unity where upper middle class sons were allowed to study with elite upper class. Marx felt that it was necessary for this working class, therefore, to rise up and lead a revolution to take back control of the power.

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These people would argue for intellectual equality for all regardless of sex and advocated for the values of society over that of the values of the state as a whole Goodman.

Their messages appealed to different groups and were the subject for much debate between society as a whole as to which path was to be followed. Are you struggling to write your Assignment? The use of coke for charcoal during this era lowered the cost of iron making and even allowed vast blast furnaces to be used.

As well as to keep them loaded with the required supplies to produce the products, as well as having someone there to remove the finished product as quickly as possible, so that the operator could continue to produce more as quickly as they could. Products such as railroads, coal, iron, and textiles, as well as the discovery of electricity, and use of chemicals, petroleum, and steel, are all contributes to what is referred to as the Second Industrial Revolution.

But due to the information gathered by both the Sadler commission as well as the Ashley commission they did realize that the children needed some sort of protection set forth, and they sent an act of their own to the Parliament for approval which was the Factory ACT, which was approved by Parliament the 29th of August Many skilled workers were driven out of business because they could not compete with the output and lower price of products made in factories.

This is seen in evidence presented by economist N. However, there are number of similarities and differences that define these eras of industrial revolution. A link to the modern economy There is no doubt that the Industrial Revolution was one of the most influential time periods of human history.

Lastly, communication became easy during the second industrial revolution due to the invention of telegraph system that was improved to other means of communication like telephone and radio. This change made smaller and faster engines and better railways and ships.

At the beginning of the first industrial revolution, inland transport was effective by navigable rivers and roads. They also complained that with the employment of only four inspectors to monitor this legislation, factory owners would continue to employ very young children.

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The working class grew astronomically over this time period, however there was an issue for the worker that was originally skilled in a field of business that had been replaced mostly by machines that were more efficient at their tasks.

What you can read next. A higher standard of living For all the negativity that surrounded the workplace, the standard of living did see some significant increase from the Industrial Revolution.

Britain transport infrastructure with canal and waterway network, railway network and turnpike road network. As noted by Laura L. When it comes to the second industrial revolution, great changes were made on the existing means of transport due to the advent of electricity.

As long as one class has all the power much like the factory owners did during the early periods of the Industrial Revolutionthe other will be constantly oppressed and kept from obtaining any sort of power of his or her own.

These acts put a huge damper on factory owners and caused their production numbers to fall, thus causing their profits to drop. They were subject to terrible work environments including buildings called sweatshops, which were poorly lit and ventilated for maximum productivity.

The new transportation advances such as the construction of many new rail lines due to the substitution of iron for steel made it possible for all social classes to travel and be tourist. Well without the proper supervision and authorities to enforce the laws it could not be expected that the factory owners, as well as the families of the children were going to make any changes to a good thing they had going, for the chance of getting caught that one time, and having to pay what would be a small fee to them, considering all that they made while they were getting away with it.

On the other hand, during the second industrial revolution iron making was improved by the use of Hot Blast technique as it reduced fuel use. Discoveries in mmedicine and the environment improved nutrition as well as reduced unsanitary urban environments which carried diseases, poor water quality, and unproper removals of sewage.

With the number of potential workers being so high suddenly, those that owned and operated these new factories began to see the laborer as being insignificant. How maximizing profits changed the quality of life Poor working conditions Factory owners had one major motivator on their minds with regards to their operations.

This is especially true with regard to the workers of the female gender that were subject to just as much physical labor as men but saw a significantly smaller amount of pay for the work that they undertook.

Second Industrial Revolution

These workers were forced to put in over 70 hrs in a week, even once machines and motors were used to create more of a mass production of the products. Mass production of steel also took place and better techniques were used.Second Industrial Revolution The second Industrial Revolution utilized the power of electricity to help them develop their technology and help social and home life.

The Second Industrial Revolution

Michael Faraday, a British scientist, demonstrated how an electric current could be made. Difference between First and Second Industrial Revolution.

The industrial revolution era means a lot to every human. Whether born during the first or second industrial revolution, there are great innovations made that changed lives for better.

Second Industrial revolution was referred to as Technological Revolution and it took place between last half of 19 th Century and early 20 th Century. It followed on from the First Industrial Revolution which began in Britain in the late 18th century, then spread throughout Western Europe and North America.

The Second Industrial Revolution - America’s Gilded Age, roughly between andwas a time of expansion. Apart of the Gilded Age was the Second Industrial Revolution, and during this time America endured “one of the most rapid and profound economic revolutions any country has ever experienced” (Foner,pp.

). The Second Industrial Revolution brought unity and prosperity to the once uneconomical Europe. Products such as railroads, coal, iron, and textiles, as well as the discovery of electricity, and use of chemicals, petroleum, and steel, are all contributes to what.

The Industrial Revolution and the second industrial revolution were also known as the technological revolution. The technological revolution was a time of change and transformations from had tool and hand made goods to machinery that produced goods faster and better.

Essays on the second industrial revolution
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