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Children working in mining industries suffers from respiratory ailments. The youth has to train to use their talents needs to given appropriate direction. Nowadays in many families, the grandparents are responsible for bringing up children.

The ten highest risk countries inranked in decreasing order, were: To pay these taxes and cover living expenses, children in colonial households had to work.

Safeguarding Children and Young People

The colour code is as follows: This is often the major cause of the high rate of child labour in India. In some countries, government policy contributes to this difficulty. The below chart is a flow chart for refereeing allegations of abuse to the local safeguarding board 2.

These little children will become the learned citizens and earn name, fame, and money for the country. Since children grow up to become illiterate adults, and get very few job opportunities.

The trees and flowers of a garden have to be trimmed in order to make it look beautiful and appealing. Along with 30 percent of children who are picking coffee, there are an estimated 25, school age children who work year round.

Children work to earn and support their family with increases income, Since the labor cost is low, greedy people exploit children to gain unfair benefit or advantage. In cases of alleged abuse the initial step should be protecting the children by removing them from the environment where the abuse occurred, and taking actions to investigate the allegation so the perpetrator could be prosecuted.

In this case, only the grandparents are free to spend time with their kids. Conclusion Child labor cannot be an excuse under any circumstances. Rich people can donate more in child welfare programmes. There are various legislative guidelines and best practice tools promoting joint delivery of service in safeguarding adults, it is inevitable that information recorded by one agency will be shared with other professionals.

Macroeconomic causes Biggeri and Mehrotra have studied the macroeconomic factors that encourage child labour. This led to the minimum age being raised once again to Australia also did not have significant industry until the later part of the 20th century when child labour laws, and compulsory schooling had developed under the influence of Britain.

Other scholars such as Harsch on African child labour, and Edmonds and Pavcnik on global child labour have reached the same conclusion. Child Labor may affect international or cross border trade if human rights are violated and children are involved manufacturing, or ancillary activities such as packaging and transportation.

Besides poverty, illiteracy is also a major reason for child labor. Essay on Children — The Future of Tomorrow Article shared by The Wealth of a nation is not so much in its of economical and natural resources but it lies more decidedly in the kind and quality of the wealth of its children and youth.

Short Essay on Child Labor

This infinite storehouse of energy has to be properly moulded and needs to be given appropriate direction. Minors performing agricultural work along with their parents help apply pesticides without wearing protective equipment.

Cultural causes In European history when child labour was common, as well as in contemporary child labour of modern world, certain cultural beliefs have rationalised child labour and thereby encouraged it.

Child labour

Other scholars too suggest that inflexible labour market, sise of informal economy, inability of industries to scale up and lack of modern manufacturing technologies are major macroeconomic factors affecting demand and acceptability of child labour.

Asia, with its larger population, has the largest number of children employed as child labour at about million. The best way to engage the youth into playing such a constructive role is to educate them with proper training in the desired direction.

If proper and timely attention is not paid to the grooming of the youth, it can turn haywire and become unproductive. Moreover, social evils like child labour, drug addiction, child marriage, beggary, child abuse etc also hamper the proper the development of children. Illiterate and unskilled population cannot make a great nation.

In Africa, colonial administrators encouraged traditional kin-ordered modes of production, that is hiring a household for work not just the adults. The general public need to be made aware of the severe consequences of Child labor.

Academics should be taken care along with the adequate emphasis on sports, technical areas and other as per the interests of the students. It ranges between and million, if children aged 5—17 involved in any economic activity are counted.

Children working withing industrial complexes are exposed to industrial noise. Child labour in Cambodia Significant levels of child labour appear to be found in Cambodia.

This act prohibited hiring children younger than the age of 14, and from working in hazardous conditions.

Due to this lack of documentation, it is hard to determine just how many children were used for what kinds of work before the nineteenth century.Recent Exam Question in IELTS Writing Task 2 – Essay (Children’s Responsibility to Grandparents) (3 votes) Writing Recent Actual Tests.

One of the major reasons is that parents are so much equipped with their daily work, being employed in companies, that.

Free Essay: Child Labor Child labor is one of the biggest issues around the world because it puts children in danger, it deprives them of an education, it is. Short Essay on Child Labor. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles, The law in Indian soil says that any child below age of 14 cannot be employed either in a factory or office or restaurant.

Children work to earn and support their family with increases income. Reading this free sample essay on Children, example essay on Children topics you can order % custom essays, term papers and research papers on Children related topics from Free Essay: Children: Tomorrow’s Future Introduction Let children be children, is not only a popular phrase heard in education, but it is also my motto.

Yes. Essay on Children – The Future of Tomorrow Article shared by The Wealth of a nation is not so much in its of economical and natural resources but it lies more decidedly in the kind and quality of the wealth of its children and youth.

Essay on employed children
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