English language needs for tour guides

Any fascinating fact is great to share and gives visitors that wow factor, which guides enjoy as well. Course Content Intensive training in communication skills, such as, listening speaking, discussing and explaining.

Narration falls into this category somewhat, because it has to do with speaking to your group, but narration is far more than just public speaking. Though it was short we gained a lot of information and our language usage increased. The dominant assumption in the field of ESP has been that if the needs of a group of English language learners can be accurately specified, then this identification can be used to establish the content of a language syllabus that will meet these needs.

The tours eventually get mundane and can become boring if you visit the same museum over and over again, but it is the people who change and make it interesting, and in turn you have to show them that you are just as interested as they are by the sights and attractions that you are showing them.

The course was held in Khorixas, the English language needs for tour guides of Damaralandfrom 1 to 5 Julyjust before the start of the peak tourist season. The requirement of an ESP approach to course design would be Needs Analysis NAsince it involves the awareness of a target situation.

Please pay attention to the time. As a gesture of commitment to the success and sustainability of the project, the Namibian National Heritage Council covered the venue, accommodation and transport costs for the participants. A recent estimate states that non-native speakers of English outnumber those for whom it is their first language by a factor of three to one.

I particularly like these sites because they are interactive and focus specifically on vocabulary. Explaining etiquette and customs It is customary in our country to tip the friendly bus driver.

Groups can have anywhere from 10 to 60 people, so you have to understand the basic principles of public speaking. With riveting stories, first-hand encounters and magnificent photographs showcasing tourism, travel, nature, adventure and conservation, TNN is the ultimate and most comprehensive guide to exploring Namibia.

Foreign languages can be taken as online courses or you can often attend night classes to learn another language. One of the best methods you can use to ensure that the students learn the English which is appropriate for their tours is to have them write down all the terms, dates, and topics for a specific tour then have them give a mock tour in the classroom.

Good Language Skills Being good at languages is another great skill that tour guides should have.

Guided Tours

Developing this skill is one that will make your job easier and that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your career. Two experienced trainers from the UK and Ireland, Janet Akbar and Matthew Cannon, delivered a highly interactive training course addressing skills such as making small talk with tourists, planning routes and itineraries, giving directions, pronunciation, making arrangements over the telephone and delivering mini- presentations.

Problems could range from tour buses breaking down and leaving the group stranded to one of the passengers getting ill and needing to get rushed to the hospital. Statistics show that it is the language most commonly taught as a foreign language, so choosing to learn it yourself opens up a very wide range of communicability options.

The main responsibilities of the tour guide are to explain all the safety protocols, and rules as well as the etiquette that must be adhered to during the tour, answering any of the questions that the tourists may have about the tour or the destination, to explain the places of interest that will be visited during the tour and they must be able to retain historical facts, anecdotes, and dates, then be able to discuss this information with the visitors in an entertaining, and simple to understand manner.

Dates are important to know, but it is not interesting for people to listen to lists of dates. When speaking to former tour guides and tour directors who are in charge of hiring new guides, they consider the most important factor above all others, to be the ability to get on well with people. For these reasons teaching English to tour guides is sometimes tricky.

Her Royal Highness, Christophina Claassen, representing the Ao-daman Traditional Authority, said how proud she was of the achievement of the 43 tour guides and went on to say that in their roles as tour guides they were ambassadors for Namibia.

Developing Your Guide Skills

It is suitable for Intermediate English students and above who want to bring their English skills during a tour to the next level. In this region we bow rather than shake hands during a first meeting. So that, we know what materials should be taught, for example syllabus design of English for Tour Guide.

English for Tour Guides - Syllabus The Live Lingua English for tour guides course takes 6 hours to complete, broken down into six 1 hour lessons. Please do not walk off the designated paths.Viator only promotes tour guides with a professional license or tour guiding certificate, ensuring you have the best possible tour experience in Barcelona.

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They are on time, with very comfortable cars and very good guides.5/5(62). When you are teaching English for Specific Purposes, it is important to remember that most of your students will have at least a basic knowledge of English and need to improve their English for specific purposes as the name suggests.

When you are teaching ESP to tour guides it is important to. In response to this need for English Language Training for tour guides, expressed by Reverend Solomon April, Director of the National Heritage Council, Marianne Young, British High Commissioner in Namibia agreed to fund an intensive English course for a group of Namibian tour guides.

These pages from our English for Work series cover language needed by tour guides in an English-speaking context.

Being a tour guide is a very important job. In many cases, the tour guide is a traveller's first impression of a foreign country. Explaining Safety, Rules and Etiquette - English for Tour Guides This page covers vocabulary needed by people working as tour guides in an English-speaking context.

When giving a tour there may be rules and safety precautions that you need to explain.

English language needs for tour guides
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