Bright light innovation case analysis

Location of the business — the population in Nepal and the entire world, who are the target market, has a high illiteracy level. Therefore, the firm can collaborate with the government to educate the public about the merits of using Starlight Stoves.

User friendly - Starlight Stoves are friendly to both the users and environment. This innovation will create safe environment for the people who rely on burning solid biomass which is unhealthy to people.

The Bright light innovation case analysis of the company is mostly poor people living in rural areas of Nepal and low middle class in urban cities which cannot afford electricity. Online marketing — Bright Light Innovations Company can increase its strategy through developing an online marketing mechanism.

Strengths Analysis The company has a stable management team with its members being university students. Our Guarantees Bright Light Innovations: There are certain strategies that need to be developed for the segments developed for Place —It is starting its own plant in Nepal which will lower down its cost and it can follow normal distribution network to reach remote villages of Nepal through medium of small retailers.

Educated and experienced staff — Bright Light Innovations Company comprises of experts in the energy sector with both skills and knowledge. With the country they now call home?

Bright Light Innovations offer a product that has several other substitute products from potential competitors. This is certainly an innovative approach by the company and the The company also has microfinance strategy that will offer loan services to the families, hence, increasing potential buyers.

Pricing - Bright Light Innovations Company faces a major problem in deciding on the price of the stove. Pricing strategy should ensure that the firm is making profit and internationally the set price of the product is affordable.

Price and promotion — new firms are supposed to offer free samples to the customers to create awareness of the existence of a new product in the market.

Bright Light Innovations: The Starlight Stove

Weakness Analysis In spite of all the above listed strengths of the company, various weaknesses in the provision of goods to the customers occur. Additionally, Starlight Stoves are costing less compared to competitive products like solar panels. Traditional stoves consume bulk amount of biomass fuel as compared to Starlight Stoves causing more deforestation, and consequently environmental population.Bright Light Innovations has a series of considerations that need to be reviewed before making final decisions.

Introducing a new product on such a unique market can represent a lot of challenges for management (Mckeever, ). SWOT analysis for Bright Light Innovation: The Starlight Stove The marketing strategy of Bright Light Innovation gains design by the company aims and goals meaning they should go hand in hand.

However, the SWOT analysis of the market strategy entails a.

Case Study: Bright Light Innovations, The Starlight Stove Over 3 billion people survive on less than $ a day; this is nearly half of the world’s population. Furthermore, some billion people are forced to rely on biomass- fuelwood, charcoal, and animal dung- to meet their energy needs for cooking%(18).

Case Study No. 22 “Bright Light Innovations: The Starlight Stove” on pagesEssentials of Marketing, 12e by Perreault, Cannon, and McCarthy, Bright Light Innovation: Starlight Stove Krystal Haskins, Sloane Davis, Yunrong Xie, Yanjun Chen Team of student and faculty from Colorado State University (College of Business and Engineering.

1 Answer to Read attached Case Study No. 22 Bright Light Innovations: The Starlight Stove on pages » Questions» Management» Marketing Management» Market Segmentation and Targeting» Marketing Unit VIII Assessment Marketing Unit VIII Assessment 1 The Question is the SWOT analysis of the Apple company's product.

Bright light innovation case analysis
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