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The process of dismantling an aircraft at its end of life as an integrated airframe is referred to as parting-out.

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A state-of-the-art facility with superior services cannot succeed without quality equipment that will enable us to service our clientele with reliable performance The core elements of our business Aircraft solution training, engineering, testing, consulting and equipment sales.

Having removed all valuable components, the remaining fuselage is broken up into small pieces and processed for metal recovery.

Adjustment of the original lanyard was complicated, and once adjusted to its longest length it was never readjusted.

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It is our mission to provide a full range of high-quality fall protection and rescue services worldwide. Gravitec Systems was awarded the job because of our intimate knowledge of fall protection systems, standards and equipment as well as the ability to model and perform representative testing to identify issues and deliver documented results proving compliance.

All parts are inspected and certified as usable, repairable or unfit for service, with the appropriate documentation.

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Responsible airlines, fleet managers, leasing companies, and banks are now maximizing returns on their assets and investments whilst addressing their corporate responsibility towards our environment with Aircraft Solutions RAK.

We are working closely with Airport Management and Civil Aviation departments to solve the problem of long term parked aircraft. Gravitec wrote a specification for the lanyard and developed a testing procedure for the pin and receptacle to verify its capabilities.

Gravitec designed a method to adjust the lanyard from 7.

Aircraft Solution

The parting-out process is undertaken in phases as useful and reusable parts are progressively removed and may include the engines, undercarriage, in-flight entertainment systems and some of the avionics.

In the event of a fall, the lanyard deployment allowed the worker to contact the ground while working on some areas of the aircraft.

Other useful parts are then removed, catalogued and sold to specialist parts dealers. Being able to provide an efficient and cost effective Aircraft solution solution for commercial aircrafts.

Gravitec worked through the compatibility issues between the lanyard and pin, and designed the lanyard so that the pin was an integral part of the system, which in turn reduced the loads on the pin and the receptacle.Aircraft Solution FALL PROTECTION PROJECT Workers access the top of an aircraft to perform inspections and maintenance on the aircraft while inside and outside of the hangars, exposing them to fall hazards of up to 65 feet.

Let us design, implement, and certify a solution completely customized for your fleet’s needs. Unlimited Options. We can provide single component service or total system installation, inside the plane or out. – In the span of one week, Precision Aircraft Solutions has redelivered four aircraft from four MRO locations around the world to.

Full service aircraft or jet sales and acquisition company based in Denver, Colorado is Aircraft Solutions, LLC. specializing in the sale of medium to large corporate aircraft.

Selective inventory of planes for sale. Aircraft Solutions has been in the aviation business for over 36 years with hands on experience in all facets of aviation from general aviation to airline. We understand our customers and strive to make your experience a pleasant one.

We provide aircraft sales, acquisitions, consulting, and management for the Shreveport, LA area. Stevens Aircraft Solutions provides helicopter service for Executives, photography, news gathering, sight seeing, and any special occasion.

Aircraft Solutions RAK is Leader in environmental friendly Aircraft Recycling. we recycle commercial aircrafts, freight aircraft and military aircrafts.

Aircraft solution
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